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Handling finances on an individual or business level can be difficult. Roy A. McDonald is a certified practicing accountant, and he has been serving The greater Melbourne area for years now. Thanks to a number of services provided, many clients can depend on the practice for accounting, taxation and financial planning assistance.

With so many services to offer, clients should always feel welcome to though so they can get assistance when needed. Here is a closer look at all the major services provided.


For most people, accounting can be a very tedious task that can be hard to keep up with. Instead of getting frustrated on a consistent basis, hiring an accountant can be extremely beneficial. For tax purposes especially, Roy A. McDonald will be able to provide assistance in a variety of ways.

Taxes are always going to be a burden because there are so many technicalities involved. Doing an individual tax return is something that McDonald’s practice can handle, but more and more people are looking at tax accounting for business purposes as well. Finding out what can be written off as an expense and other ways to save can end up paying for the services and then some.

Planning for taxes is also a very important service offered by Roy A. McDonald. Planning out everything as a business owner can help a person not be surprised by a huge tax bill every single year. Things can be spread out during the year so that payments can be made on a monthly basis.

More and more people are working for themselves, so the tax laws are going to be pretty difficult to fully understand. With a focus on working with each individual out there, a person can get the maximum deduction without having to know every single thing about laws in their specific region.

Planning is always important with accounting, and there is a focus with Roy A. McDonald on providing people with assistance to stay on track throughout the year. From overall business planning to complete checklist to follow, everything can be detailed for an individual to have success. Staying on track is a very important part of any successful business, and individuals can benefit from checklist as well if they are budgeting for a big purchase or retirement.

Financial Planning

Speaking of planning, Fiducian Financial Services has a number of financial planning services available for people in just about any situation. Whether a person is looking to handle a lot of investments, deal with risk management, Social Security, senior care, estate planning or retirement, there are a number of very specific focuses a person can depend on from him.

There are very few financial planners who can handle so many different unique situations. No matter what is thrown at Fiducian Financial Services, you can expect to get top-notch service from them.

The last thing any person wants to do is be stuck in a situation where they are a bit over their head. Working with finances on a daily basis can ensure that every single client will leave with not only a better understanding, but a better situation overall. Financial Planning is a huge deal for any person out there, because it can effect the future well-being of not only them, but their entire family.

Final Thoughts

No matter what type of help is really needed, going with Fiducian Financial Services & Roy A. McDonald is a great starting point. Anyone in the Doncaster area should be considering their services and seeing what they can do to make things better. A financial planner should always be available for individuals so that they feel very confident with how their money is being handled.

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