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If you don’t have access to a printer, then you can make an appointment here. The checklists will ensure you claim all your deductions. Nothing could be worse than missing out on your hard earned money.

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Some of our clients tell us they don’t like filling in paperwork. If you can relate to this, give us a call on 03 9848 5933. We can make the process easier by allocating time for you to do your tax return and the checklist at the same time.

By filling in our checklist, we can put you on our lodgement program which will give you more time to complete your tax return. We can make it pain and hassle free.

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To help complete your  Tax Return, you authorise us through our letter of engagement. This protects you and us. We need both the letter of engagement and one of the below checklists to finalise the return. If you have any questions regarding the below checklists or about our letter of engagement you should contact us now using the below button.

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Are you missing valuable deductions and do you know if you are claiming all that you are allowed to claim? Use the image to access the checklist to get more information.

Before you do this, refer to our articles below which highlighted the ATO’s ruling on what items you can claim:

Tax Tips
This was an article we wrote one month ago. It will help to make sure you receive your maximum benefits before it’s too late.
Need further help?
We all absorb information in different ways. Contact us now to see how this information may be relevant to you.

Can you claim your expense? Find Out Here
Have you ever wondered what is claimable? Can you claim entertainment expenses? What about coffee with a potential client?By booking a time with our office and reading this article, it will help you get the answers.

There are more ways than one to be tax efficient

We are also a financial planning practice. There may be other ways to be tax efficient. Examples include risk insurances and salary sacrificing.  How this applies to your personal situation is the reason we would sit down with you and work out if we can help you.

The above articles and the checklist are there to help you clarify any concerns or worries before you meet us. To access the individual checklist, click below:

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blog6A lot of employees are asking more of their staff than ever before. Sometimes staff are required to use their car and modern technology (Phone/ Laptop etc) to do their job. Use the check list to save you time and hassle and make sure you’re claiming the right items.

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Acceptable Expenses If you are unsure what you can claim we wrote the article you can access here. If you need our help the best thing you can do is contact us and we can give you the Peace of Mind that what you are claiming is legitimate.

Can you claim your expense? Find Out Here

How valuable can a tool be? Anyone in the building industry would have a favourite tool. This is our one. A large number of new clients that comes into our office are missing out on valuable deductions that they are legally and fully entitled to be claimed.The challenge is to make them compliant and then clean up any administrative mess if applicable. The proforma prompts you on the important deductions.

There are more ways than one to be tax efficient.

The benefits of this document are the tax savings we determine in the first year will be generally applicable every year after that. Also keep in mind, if you were entitled to a tax deduction, the accounting fees associated with helping you save tax may be tax deductible. So you are saving in more ways than one.

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The Appropriate Structure- The DNA Of Your Business.

The appropriate structure is critical to business. If you have started your own business or your business has reached a new level it may be time to review your structure.

Did you know the wrong structure could be costing you Time or Money OR BOTH?

While some may be tax effective for you, the cost and administration to set them up may out-way any tax benefits. This is why we would suggest setting up a time to review your current financials and see if you are making the most out of your situation.

If you haven’t already done so, we would invite you to check out the structure document to see how this information may be of benefit to you. The main considerations when setting up your company are:

  • What are the legal costs?
  • What are the government charges?
  • How does investing in a structure effect the accounting work?
  • How much administration needs to go into maintaining a structure?
  • What sort of compliance needs to be provided to keep a structure suitable?
  • and more…

Whether you are a plumber, electrician, carpenter or builder, we can help you now. You can access the summary document here or by clicking the image below. We would suggest you call us to make an appointment with one of our experienced accountants to see how they can help you succeed in your business.

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This checklist covers the following areas:

  • Motor Vehicle claims
  • Accounting Software
  • Deductions
  • When to advise employees of their salaries for the year.
  • The amount of super you need to contribute and when.

Business Checklist to the Plumber, Electrician, Handyman and Builder.

Being a business owner requires a lot of skills, therefore there are a lot of laws/ regulations you need to know about. Not only the skills within your industry specifically but also the laws from an accounting perspective.

There are the physical demands on your body and there is stress that comes with dealing with your suppliers and people that owe you money. We understand your predicament and are very confident we can help.

We have created the checklist with you the tradesman in mind. Most tradesman like you work long hours and sometimes the weekends. The last thing you would want to be thinking about is what you are allowed to claim and the laws and regulations etc.

This Business Checklist applies even if you own a different kind of business.

Maybe you are a contractor and work for a telecommunications company or in the medical profession. When you own a proprietary limited company you really need our checklist.

If you have been thrown into working for yourself, even if you are contracted to the same company, this checklist may benefit you. The important thing is to be compliant and make sure we help you get the best financial result.

This checklist can make things simple for you and take the energy effort and worry out of dealing with the ATO.

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The worst thing that can happen to you is to miss out on deductions for your property. Print out the attached schedule to find out your entitlements.

Are you maximising your rental property deductions?

Besides using the checklist below, it is important see if a quantity surveyor can add extra value to your return. A quantity surveyor is the only group of people the ATO will accept in relation to a valuation of the bricks and mortar and goods and chattels of an investment property. Their job is to find and add value to your tax deduction. If you have an investment property, we would suggest you investigate the use of a quantity surveyor. Last month we wrote an article which contains valuable information on how to determine if you are using a good quantity surveyor or not.

If you are confused about what your entitled to claim? click the button below.

Access The Rental Property Checklist Here

Are you going to sell an asset? Do you own a home that will become an investment property? What happens when you sell shares? Your questions can be answered by meeting our team in conjunction with using this checklist.

Capital Cains Tax can become a huge bill for some clients. People may not be aware that when you sell an asset, there may be capital gains or losses and this can impact your taxable income. Did you know losses and gains can be brought forward or backward? To check if this applies to you, book a time in here. To assist you in the first instance, use our checklist here to help.

Access The Capital Gain Checklist Now

We know how hard you work for your money. The last thing we want for you is to complete a tax return and not get the most benefit or value. We’ve made it easier to get the information you need to be tax efficient and save money.

Regardless of your needs, there is a checklist and information to help you succeed. The information below will help the following types of clients:

  • The micro business owner.
  • The corporate employee.
  • The factory worker.
  • The small to medium sized business owner.
  • The business client who may need government funding.