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The future is always uncertain. Death or disability can have a catastrophic effect on you, your family, and your business – both financially and emotionally. Ensuring you have adequate protection is crucial to your peace of mind.
We can assist you in identifying your needs, and implement the appropriate solutions to manage the risk.

The questions we ask our clients to think about are:

  • Where do you want to be in 10 years?
  • What kind of car are you driving?
  • Where do you live?
  • How many holidays have you had and when is your next one?

But these questions are not going to be relevant or appropriate if a major event has occurred which prevents you from enjoying your future. This is where it is important to review your situation and where appropriate protect your lifestyle, income and most importantly your family.

You may already have cover in place either outside or inside superannuation. While we applaud you for having this cover, we have to ask if you have ever reviewed it and is it still appropriate? If you have had any more children, increased your income, had a change in circumstances like where you live, the cover you have taken was relevant at the time. We have had circumstances whereby reviewing a clients life insurance needs, we have found we can save them money, improve their cash flow or give them peace of mind. One client had an insurance product he didn’t need anymore.


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