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Strategic Advice and Peace of Mind since 1965

Welcome to Fiducian Financial Services, where it’s all about you. We need to understand where you have been, where you are now, and where you are going with your life and financial goals. This can be quite exciting if you can visualise a future where you have achieved your goals, however big or small they may be.

We would love to help you and believe we can add value to most individuals, couples, families and business owners. We draw on the experiences of our business partners and accountants that we have in house. This means any recommendations are holistic and give you the ideal outcome which is tax effective and relevant.


We offer financial planning services to Doncaster East Vic and surrounding area. Get in contact today.

  • You’re young and independent and not sure if you need help. A young tradesman – like a plumber is a good example.
  • You are about to start a family, buy a house or make major life decisions. A good example of this is a couple in their mid-thirties, an executive within a company or a doctor.
  • You are thinking about retirement and want to know if it is not too late to set yourself up for the future. This could be a secondary school teacher or government worker mid to late 50s who are looking for assistance.
  • You are retired and need help maximising income, assets and lifestyle.

The good news for you is we help these types of clients every day, and can help you too. However, for some clients, they are too proud to ask for help or don’t feel a financial planner can add any value to their overall situation.


We offer financial planning services to Doncaster East Vic and surrounding area. Get in contact today.

If we don’t feel we can add value, we will advise you pretty quickly and not waste your time. We want to have happy clients. We can review your current circumstances and ensure you are doing everything possible. Our goals are to exceed your expectations and results.

How Do Financial Advisers charge?
Some financial advisors are trending towards a fee for service, while others charge for the time they spend. Other financial planners are charging on a commission basis and are usually people who are specialists in Life, Trauma and Disability type products. While others are using some sort of hybrid arrangement. We will work with you to make sure we offer the best model to suit your budget.

There May Be No Direct, Out of Pocket Expense to You
If there is sufficient balance in your superannuation, we are able to cover our time or investment through your superannuation, should this be a suitable strategy. If we are able to protect your lifestyle and family through Life, Trauma, Income Replacement or Total and Permanent Disability Insurance, this may cover our time and investment and there could be no out of pocket expense to you. We would suggest you book in a time to see our Financial Planners, but using the contact form on the right-hand side.

After and during the process of implementing your advice we will keep in contact with you update you on the status. This will give us an opportunity to make sure that our advice remains relevant and successful. We will also get your feedback on our processes for improvement.

We want to address what you can expect by seeing a Financial Advisor with Fiducian Financial Services. We keep any appointments relaxed and make sure you feel comfortable with any steps we take. Regardless of what we do, we suggest don’t delay taking out cover or fixing your finances. Don’t become one of those people who end up taking out cover or adopting strategies too late, where it has cost money, time or worse still, stress and frustration.

Initial Contact- Can we really help you?
You can contact us over the phone or you are welcome to visit us in Jackson Court in Doncaster East. You are welcome to book a time. What we will do first is ask you some questions such as why you would want to see us and what you are looking to get out of meeting with us. We want to make sure we can help you. When we book in an appointment we will ask you to bring your Tax Returns or pay slips, copy of any insurances and superannuation, and any other documents that may be relevant to your situation like property or share statements. We will be happy to meet you inside or outside of business hours, in our office in Doncaster East. We will give you a call about 24 hours before the appointment and make sure you have everything ready and you are prepared for your appointment.

Our First meeting
This will be a “get to know you” meeting. We will complete our requirements to give you advice. We will review your insurances/ superannuation, if relevant and get a better understanding of why you are seeking advice. This meeting will take place with your significant other or business partner if they need to be involved as well. Once completed, we can answer any general questions and give you the peace of mind that we can fully service your needs and add value to your lifestyle.

Second Meeting or Phone Conference
Once we know what you are looking for, we can work out how we are going to help you and if we can help. At this point, we can advise you as to the opportunities and threats that exist and how we can add value to your life and goals. We can answer any more general questions, and where applicable, we can take the next steps of authorising us to proceed with our recommendations. This meeting will usually be face to face, but if it is not possible we can do this in a phone conference.

Present and Implement the Advice
This gives us an opportunity to discuss with you our recommendations and how we are going to make sure you will achieve your lifestyle goals. We are required by law to present our recommendation in writing and this is called a Statement of Advice (SOA). We will go through the SOA and make sure you understand the recommendations. We will gain your approval to implement our recommendations, including any new or replacement insurances and any superannuation. We also have extra value services with our business partners (like our Mortgage Brokers and Lawyers etc) and also establish if there is anyone else you know of that may benefit from any financial advice. This meeting generally will be face to face with all parties present.

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