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Aged Care Standards- We can help

Have you found the aged care standards not to you liking?

We can help. We specialise in the whole situation with your loved ones. We have attached a presentation we did at networking event called BNI. Click here to get details of our  BNI.

We addressed the following concerns:

  1. How to access some of the government initiatives like the low income health care card.
  2. How to deal with Aged Care.
  3. The doors are closing on the concessional treatment of income. It means if your income after the 1st of January 2015 is over a certain level you may not be able to access some of the government benefits like the Low Income Health Care Card.

If this term “concessional treatment” is not familiar to you or if you are wanting keep of get access to some of the government benefits

Contact Us to find out more.


aged care standards

aged care standards

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