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Cyber Security Tips

Identity theft effects thousands of Australians every year.  Stolen information is used by criminals to commit identity crimes.  When this occurs, victims are left with a bad credit rating which can then impact their ability to get a loan, run a business, or access government services.  It can take a long time to recover when your identity has been stolen.  The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has created a list of top identity security tips to help keep your information safe.  Below is a summary of the security tips.

Make sure your passwords are strong and secure

Multi-factor authentication should be used where possible.  Change passwords regularly, and do not share them.  Also use strong passwords, with a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols.

Make sure all devices have the lates available security updates

Anti-virus and malware scans should be run weekly and have up-to-date security software.

Use a spam filter on your email account

Always use a spam filter on your email account and do not open unsolicited messages.  When someone you know sends you a link or attachment make sure you are certain as to what it is, before downloading.

Secure your wireless network, be careful using public wireless networks

Be very careful when using public wireless networks.  Try and avoid making any online transactions while using public or complimentary Wi-Fi.

 Be vigilant about what you share on social media

Personal information should be kept private, and you should always be aware of who you are interacting with.  Before sharing information on social media, ask yourself if you want strangers to have access to that information.  Only share information to people you know and trust.

Treat your personal information like cash

Personal information should not be left lying around.  If it is stolen, it is very difficult to get back.  Only share your personal information when you are required to and through authorised processes and people.

Make Sure your mail is secure

You may not realise it but mail theft is a leading cause of personal security breaches, consider using a secure PO Box to ensure your mail is secure.

Do not download programs or open attachments

Ensure you are downloading authorised and legitimate programs.  Never open attachments or download programs unless you know it is legitimate.

Do not leave your information unattended

Electronic devices should be secured wherever you are.

Make sure you:

  • Do not leave electronic devices unattended
  • Secure your electronic devices with passcodes
  • Securely store portable storage devices (such as a USB and external hard drive) when not in use

For more information, read it on the ATO website.


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