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Are you facing separation or divorce?

Why would you need us?

“I was scared, concerned and worried about what to do next”

When a divorce happens, it has a devastating effect on all areas of a person’s life, including financial stability. You may feel overwhelmed by all the changes and emotions that you are going through. Contacting friends and family would be optimal to deal with your emotions.

One of the most difficult things about a divorce is deciding who gets what. This is why couples often focus on who gets assets and how future income will be divided while overlooking debts and loans. The sad part is that once your divorce is settled, besides the emotional and psychological stress, you may be poorer than you were during your marriage. The upside is that we can help you find out exactly where you stand financially and what you need to do to get back on track.

Where do you start?

A good starting place is to book an appointment with both your Accountant, Lawyer and Financial Planner who can provide the  technical assistance and let you know where to stand.

Some areas to consider include:

  • Questioning how to make the right decisions for your family
  • Wondering how finances will be affected and how to secure your future and move forward.
  • Deciding how you will divide your children’s lives and plan for their future.
  • Ultimately trying to make sense of it all.


If you can relate to the feelings above, you are not alone and you’ve come to the right place.

Lindale Insurances and the team at Beaumont lawyers can help with finances, emotions, co-parenting issues, custody and visitation plans. With our assistance, you will have more answers than questions when meeting with your attorney as we help you create a divorce action plan that best suits your family.  We can help you prepare for divorce by exploring your options in advance of the legal arena or while navigating the divorce process.

Invest your time and resources into Lindale Insurances and the team today, and with our help you can make informed decisions, reduce stress, save time, money and heartache for you and your children’s future. Think of Lindale Insurances and the team as a survival guide for your divorce. Contact us now on 03 9848 5933

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