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Are you dreaming – or dreaming?

Most of us daydream about our retirement. How will you realistically spend your twilight years? Touring the world? Touring the country? Or will you be trapped walking around your own backyard?

The reality of your retirement is that it might not live up to your daydreams. Don’t count on a lotto win, or an inheritance from a rich uncle or cultivating your own money tree to give you the retirement you’re dreaming of.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics:

  •  Only 2% of people will be financially free and retire on more than $100,000 [p/annum]

  • Only 4% of people will be financially stable and retire on around $50,001 to $100,000

  • Only 21% of people will be partially reliant on the Age Pension and have an income of $22500 to $50,000

  • A massive 73% of Australians will be totally reliant on a pension of $22500 p/year or $430 per week.

Yes, you read that right – the pension is only around $430 per week and that’s what 73% of Australian’s face. At $430 a week – it’s looking unlikely that you’ll even have a backyard to wander around in.

Unfortunately, many Australian’s suffer from the “she’ll be right mate” or “out of sight, out of mind” attitude. It’s this attitude that sees around 73% of Australian’s trying to survive on the government pension.

Why do people subject themselves to this ongoing struggle? Maybe it’s easier than thinking about planning for or setting up strategies for retirement.

Procrastination is wealth hazard. Can your current retirement plan [ie: superannuation, savings or investments] support a comfortable lifestyle. If so, great! Enjoy. If not, now’s the time to set yourself up. It’s not hard. It’s not a waste of money and won’t take up much of your time.

We can quickly evaluate how your super is tracking. We may even be able to show you where you can make some savings on your super fees and costs. We can work out simple, affordable investment / savings plans now. The younger you are, the better, however, even if you’re in your 50’s and have no retirement plan – we can help take the edge off.

Your “future you” will thank you for calling us today to arrange a no obligation retirement chat. We can help turn your current financial situation into one that gives you a retirement lifestyle worth dreaming about! Why not see how we can help make your golden years – golden! 

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