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February Newsletter

Happy New Year from the team at Roy A. McDonald and Lindale Insurances.

It has come to our attention from our clients and our strategic alliance partnerships that dealing with any government area is not always easy. Sometimes there are obstacles that prevent us from achieving or receiving the maximum entitlements.

In this newsletter, we want to take the guess work out of dealing with Centrelink. This is an important time to make 2015 count especially since there are some young adults or teenagers looking to study or enter the workforce for the first time.
This is also an opportunity to share this newsletter with any parents or children you may know who would benefit from information on Austudy/ Youth Allowance. Also, if you are struggling to deal with the ATO/ Centrelink, give us a call and we can take the burden out of your hands. Call 03 9848 5933 to book in or

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Roy A. McDonald and the team!

Youth Allowance and Austudy
Are You Getting Your Maximum Entitlements.



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You may have a child or young adult, who is thinking of doing some study or learning a trade. If you’d rather spend your spare time relaxing and spending time with family, you may want to let us take the burden from you and we will deal with Centrelink, fill in the forms or help you understand the eligibility criteria. You can contact us on 03 9848 5933.


 2015 Is My Year!!


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Back in the middle of 2014 we wrote an article here, “are you off track or on track?” It was a popular article, however we wonder if anyone took action? If you haven’t, what were the obstacles that prevented you from having success? As the great Jim Rohn said “affirmation without action is the beginning of illusion.” What would you like to accomplish financially in the year 2015 and can we help you make the next six months count?[/col_2]


Spotlight on:
Did you know we can help
Young Adults get their Tax File Numbers?

Did you know that if you have a child who is looking to go to work or is finished university or school we can take the hassle away from you and help them get their Tax File Number?
It’s not compulsory to have a Tax File Number, however your child may get more tax withheld if he or she doesn’t have one or they may not be able to receive certain government benefits.
The good news is it won’t take long for us to do this for you and we then have every opportunity to educate your child on how to pay the correct amount of tax.
Please contact us to see if you can benefit or book an appointment here.

Strategic Advice &

 Peace of Mind Since 1965

We hope the information shared in this newsletter is simple and helpful. It would be remiss of us not to make sure that any or our clients is getting their maximum entitlements. If there is any way we can help you with your government benefits, please contact us below.

Roy A. McDonald together with Lindale Insurances provide easy to understand and unbiased financial advice and accounting services including: Superannuation and Retirement Planning, Investments, Estate Planning, Social Security Advice (to maximise your entitlement), Protecting You and Your Loved Ones, Tax Accounting and Business Planning.

Getting started is easy – simply contact us today on 03 9848 5933

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