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Interested to find out how a Financial Planner can help you?

For all new Fiducian clients we offer a free 60-minute financial health check.

A financial health check can help you determine how well your finances are doing or what you need to work on to reach your financial goals. By creating good money habits, having a solid financial plan, and regularly performing a financial health check-up can help you reach your money goals.

What is financial planning?

Financial planning helps people identify and work towards achieving their financial and lifestyle goals. Essentially, it helps you be more in control of your income, expenses, and investments so you can make informed decisions about managing your money and achieving your goals. This is done by clarifying what you want to achieve, assessing how you might achieve it and developing strategies to address expected and unexpected events that may occur along the way.

What to expect

We begin by getting to know you. It is important that we understand your individual circumstances, wants, and needs so that we build a relationship based on mutual understanding and trust. When this foundation is set, we work with you to construct achievable goals for you and your family. Our role is to help you achieve those goals by carefully constructing a personalised strategy that encompasses all aspects of your ‘financial house’. This holistic service enables us to protect, maintain and grow your wealth now and into the future.

After learning about your concerns and analysing your situation, your financial planner will develop a range of strategies aimed at achieving your goals and objectives. Importantly, we will also look to put in place an ongoing planning and review service to ensure you remain on track to achieve your goals. Fiducian offers a range of advice services that can be incorporated into your personalised plan to help you achieve your goals.

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