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Finding Balance in Our Lives

The majority of us will strive for one thing in life, and that’s to find a comfortable balance. With that being said, we may overlook certain elements of our lives in favour of others – and this can lead to imbalance. In this article, we’ll be offering a few tips to help you to find balance in your life. Industry experts often call these factors the ‘wheel of life’ and once you understand the key elements that go into the wheel, you may find yourself in a more comfortable position moving forward.

The 8 sections of the wheel of life

Personal growth – a part of our daily life whereby we strive for improvement, wisdom and maturity. With these traits, we can grow as people and learn to cope with situations more efficiently.

Love – a key part of our role as people and will often take up a huge part of our thoughts relating to intimacy, relationships and interactions with those that we care about.

Family – becoming a parent, navigating the challenges of family life and enjoying time spent with loved ones is another thing that’s considered often; especially when planning a family.

Health – focusing on ways to improve well-being, eating right and enjoying a productive exercise regime can be priorities for many people from all walks of life.

Finance – a very important element that could lead to stress and discomfort, or peace and relaxation. Proper planning is key.

Work – Job satisfaction and career choice can often become two of the biggest factors consuming a persons’ thoughts.

Values and belief system – from religion, to responsibilities; as we grow into adults and experience new things in life, we inevitably modify our core values and beliefs accordingly.

Social activities – namely our own network of friends and the relationships that we cherish above all else – and finding time to enjoy hobbies and leisure activities.

Choosing your own path for your wheel of life

No two lives will be the same and what could have been a priority today might end up being something unimportant in the next few months. It’s not about cramming your day full of things to see and do; but to find a comfortable balance on a personal and professional scale.

Most people will be able to recognise which parts of their wheel could do with more attention and which might benefit from stepping back.

Useful tips to help

If you’re feeling like parts of your life are leaving you a little off-balance, don’t try to rectify the situation at once; that can be disastrous. Instead, pick something that you know needs work and then focus on that for the time being.

You could try writing down the areas of your life that could do with a little work, or alternatively, why not keep a verbal journal via recording and take notes of the things that you feel need addressing?

There’s no such thing as a ‘perfect balance’, but there is definitely a way to achieve the ideal balance for you and your lifestyle. With some careful work and attention to detail, you could achieve this without having to stress yourself out in the process.

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