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October Newsletter

In this the newsletter we are all about saving you money, removing unnecessary stress and helping you succeed. Find out more details below.

Are you paying too much for income protection?

If we could save you up to 40% on your income protection, would you contact us? If yes, you can access the form here . There is a 40% difference between premiums of income protection from the highest premium to the lowest premium for various insurers with comparable cover.

The time after a loved one passes away can be challenging and emotional. We want to help you avoid further stress and worry in case you incur a large tax bill. Before spending money from an estate you should speak to us first.

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If you currently have a passion which you think you may be able to earn income from, it is important to know how to transfer your hobby into a successful business.

It may be time to see your accountant and/or business coach.

Did you know the interest related to the ATO debt may be tax deductable. We had a recent influx of new clients who own businesses that owe the ATO a number of years of outstanding tax returns or have not paid their ATO obligations.

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