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Scam Alert

If you come across a phone call, text message, voicemail or email that you believe has come from the Australian Tax Office that seems odd it is best that you phone the ATO on 1800 008 540 or go to Verify or Report a scam.

Recently email scams state individuals will be receiving a tax refund of a certain amount and ask for them to update their financial information on an attached form before the refund can be processed. If you receive a similar email to this, delete it and do not attempt to open any attachments or click on the links and remember to never give out personal information unless you are sure you know who you are dealing with. See below image of an example.

A recent phone scam occurred in August of 2021 where an individual would receive a phone call which demands money by new methods such as gift cards, couriers collecting cash payments and/or cash payments given in a public location. Moreover, if a scammer impersonating an ATO worker calls asking for an updated tax file number (TFN) claiming that their current one has been suspended, do not pass this information along. It is important to remember in this instance that the ATO does not suspend TFNS and will not request payment of a fine or any monies to be transferred in order to stop a TFN from being suspended.

Other examples of recent scams can be found on the ATO scam alerts page. Remember do not hesitate to contact your accountant or the ATO scam alert phone number or webpage if you have fears over a recently received email, phone call or SMS.


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