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When I was first introduced to Accounting/Financial Planning practice, Roy A. McDonald/Lindale Insurances Pty Ltd, it was roughly five years ago. My family consisted of my husband and myself and three children. We lived in a villa amongst just under 300 other units – the body corporate in the complex was making us feel like villains not like owners. We had credit card debit – not out of control but really hard to keep on top of. My husband worked full time and I had part time income coming in. We wanted to move out but with a new baby at home the prospect was a bit overwhelming.

I was one of those people who dreaded tax time – who felt invaded whenever someone looked through my personal papers. If I felt like that with tax – how would I feel with someone looking at all my financial matters? It wasn’t like that with Roy, he sat down and asked where we wanted to be and showed us the path to get there. Through Roy’s efficient staff we managed to get more tax back than we could have imagined possible. If I ever had a question I would ask and it was never a problem.

Before we knew it we were moving into a four bedroom house and had no credit card debit. We were in a position that we could have another child and soon enough Kaitlyn was born.

My ultimate dream was to live on acreage, to be able to grow fresh fruit and vegetables and allow the children to have the space to run. In May on 2009, I achieved that goal. I now live on a 7 acre property just south of Brisbane and am incredibly happy.

I didn’t realise how much financial stress I was under, until I was shown the way out. I am now in a position where I have a strong safe future and if something did go wrong my family would be just fine.

Over the last few weeks we have been affected by the Brisbane floods, our house has remained dry but we have had damage to our property. As much as this is upsetting and frustrating, our finances are in a situation where this is an annoyance not a drama.

I believe I would still be okay had I have not ever been introduced to the team at Roy A. McDonald/Lindale Insurances Pty Ltd, but I certainly wouldn’t be in the situation I am in now. I have a great life which I am able to enjoy without fear of what may be lurking in the future.

Kindest Regards


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