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The Federal Budget 2015

Fresh off the press, this budget was described by the treasurer as the “Have a Go” budget. We wanted to take this opportunity to share with you details of the Federal Budget for 2015.   Tell us what you think by making a comment on Facebook. Click here or on the Facebook icon.

Will this Federal Budget
Really Help Families?

This time the government have aimed the budget squarely at growing the economy. Here is a summary:

  • Some tax breaks for small businesses
  • Changes in the Aged Pension. Will this affect you?
  • Some exciting changes to anyone that puts their child/ children into Childcare.

The goals of the 2014 budget was to put the economy back in surplus. A lot of the items in the 2014 budget, which you can see here or the link below, did not make it through the houses of parliament. Will that happen again?
 Last Year's Budget      Full Details

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