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The Three Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes

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 The fitness industry in Australia is worth over 3 billion dollars annually with more people putting in time, effort and money every year. Yet all you have to do is walk into a gym a few times each year to see the vast majority of people are simply not changing.


Matt Wolfs from Total Transformations has seen it all. He addresses the reasons people don’t achieve their health goals in this short and informative post which should help people of all backgrounds and fitness levels. If you wish to contact Matt you can do so on 0404 648 628.

The fitness industry is growing while most people fail to get what they want. Have you found yourself putting in a lot of effort but not much has changed? Perhaps you’re guilty of one of the 3 biggest weight loss mistakes…

1.      You haven’t truly made the decision to change – you’ve invested in a gym membership, possibly even the services of a great PT.

For many this is seen as a decision to change. Yet there is a huge difference between making a decision and having a powerful reason to do it.

Without a very clear reason for any important decision, nothing of consequence really happens. The catalyst for weight loss, for a true transformation is a clear and personal reason why you’re doing it.

Most of the time, your why comes from a ‘snap point’. That moment where you’ve had enough and would rather die than stay the way you are, or go back to the old ways. That point where you say to yourself “I’m going to do whatever it takes to fix this”

If you haven’t had this moment – that’s fine. But ask yourself, why are you investing your time, money and effort into a gym or a PT? What do you want out of it and how important is it to you?

2.      What you’re doing is unsustainable – the common misconception out there is to exercise more and more while eating less and less.

More often than not people launch into 5/6/7-day-a-week epic training routines while making less than 5 different food choices per week.

This is a recipe for short-term results, mid-term plateau and long-term weight rebound.

For 99% of people on their weight-loss journey, a more structured approach to exercise while eating more varied, nutritious food choices will prime their metabolism for long-term success and a body to be proud of. That’s right, the average gym-junkie should exercise less and eat more.

3.      You’re avoiding the weights room – yet another common misconception is you lift weights to bulk up and perform lots of aerobic exercise to trim down.

What if I told you that lifting weights will help you burn fat at a much faster rate than your gym’s daily cardio class? What if I told you weight training won’t actually make you bulk up, but help you get lean, firm and strong? It’s true, and sadly weight training is a criminally underrated weight loss tool.

If any of the above is you, maybe it’s time to change your approach?

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