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Travel After Separation or Divorce. Two Options to De-Stress!

It is important to relieve some of the stress when you are going through a difficult time of a break up or divorce and one of the ways is by getting away from it all. We asked one of our strategic alliances Di Yates to write an article which may assist if you are going through a difficult change in your life. 


Travel is often the perfect remedy people need to clear the mind after what is often a long drawn out heart breaking and financially painful experience of going through a divorce.  It is also the momentum for them to pick up the pieces and focus on the new challenges and changes and put their future into perspective and move forward with a clear and precise vision.

Option 1: -A Cruise

There are many ways in which travel can assist a person to disengage from their troubles and to be in a safe environment to do this and if your ambition is to release some of that pent up anger then the option of a cruise is one that delivers that perfect place to mingle with like minded  travellers who may be in a similar situation, sure there are families and couples also but on many of the “fun” type of cruises you will find yourself being able to relax, unwind, socialise and escape and enjoy the party atmosphere.

Carnival cruise line has seen a big increase in the number of “suddenly single” passengers who are travelling solo and looking for just that, and many are organising groups of friends to join them to celebrate their new found status and to sail away from their separation…

Option 2: – Volunteer Packages

On the other side of the coin, there are people who find it difficult to cope with their recent separation and instead of reflecting over what when wrong with their relationship can move forward with a different type of experience. Assisting others less fortunate can be just the answer for that life changing and rewarding experience and also in an environment where they can find inner peace and happiness that they have helped people or animals who have little to offer in return except thank you’s  and friendships lasting a lifetime.  These trips will ensure that you come away with so many amazing stories and memories that will stay with you forever.

There are many Tour companies who offer volunteer tours and packages in places such as incredible India, Cambodia and Vietnam to name a few,  to give back to communities that are in great need or less fortunate and offer accommodation, meals for the chance to engage with the locals be it on their farms, or in their village,  knowing that what you have done to help will be rewarded by million dollar smiles and that is something that money can’t buy.

Happy and safe travels and remember always travel with an open mind and an open heart.


If you wish to find out more about travel destinations, please don’t hesitate to call Di Yates, your personal travel manager on 0409 351 800 or on the logo.

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