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Are you really using your laptop or smart phone or tablet for business or work?[/col_2]

The ATO has advised they are not as focused on  individual occupations at the moment but on specific work related expenses. This year, its watch is on people who due to their occupation type are claiming a tax deduction for using their computer, mobile phone or other electronic “device”.

We already advised you in last month’s article they are focusing on work related expenses and are casting their net over every occupation and taxpayer in Australia. A lot of our clients are surgeons, tradesman, medical specialist or teacher and most of these jobs required the use of a phone, computer or other electronic device out of hours, and this is reflected in their tax returns. Of the $19.5 billion of work-related expenses claimed each year, electronic devices are grabbing a fast-growing share as the use of technology increases.

People are using their computers at home for work-related purposes but it is very important they understand the distinction between what is work-related and what is personal use. The ATO are using increasingly sophisticated technology to check deductions and track down unusual or excessive claims. We suggest if you are unsure of what constitutes private use verses business use, we would suggest you call 03 9848 5933 or contact us now to make an appointment and get the peace of mind you are looking for.

What Roy A. McDonald and the ATO want are tax payers to claim the right amount of tax, no more and no less and have evidence to substantiate their claim. The onus will always remain on the taxpayer to prove all expenses. You may want to refer to the previous article we wrote to determine what is a legitimate claim.

To make sure you are claiming the right expenses, please contact us now, or call 03 9848 5933 and get Margaret to book you in to see our friendly accountants.

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