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Rental property video series

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) have created some helpful videos to assist you in understanding what your record-keeping obligations are if you own or are investing in a rental property.

The videos include the following:

  • An introduction to rental property and tax including:
    • Tax tips on owning a rental property
    • Record keeping
    • What amounts to declare as income
    • What expenses to claim as a deduction
  • Claiming depreciating assets
  • Claiming interest expenses
  • Co-owners of a rental property
  • Getting repairs and capital works right
  • When can you claim a deduction for rental expenses
  • Selling your rental property
  • Selling a rental property that was your home
  • How to include rental income and expenses in myTax
  • How to complete myTax when you’ve sold a rental property

For more information, refer to the ATO website or contact or office on (03)9848 5933.


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