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“Passionate” and “driven” are two words to best describe Linda. When asked to describe the biggest asset to the business, Linda doesn’t talk about the “Bricks and Mortar” she talks about the loyal clients and staff at Roy A. McDonald/ Lindale that have made this business possible for over 50 years.

Linda has been involved in the business since 1997 and her role has grown to cover all aspects of managing a successful and sound business. Linda is Roy’s daughter and she continues on the family tradition of looking after the current and next generation of clients. She thrives on helping all these clients taking their businesses and lifestyle to the next level.

Linda holds a Diploma of Accounting, a Diploma of Management and Financial Planning studies, and like most successful business owners knows that learning is a must in business. She has a thirst for knowledge and does what it takes learning all she can to better assist our clients.

Linda is happily married for over 20 years, has four children and two grandchildren. Linda gets the most out of supporting her children’s endeavours and sporting activities. Linda inherited her father’s competitiveness and continues to enjoy a high level of competition tennis.

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