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Find out how to Secure the Highest Property Valuation

Preparing your home for valuation isn’t just about sprucing up the décor.

Sure, a scatter cushion here and there and a new piece of art on the wall will make the place look a lot nicer, but unfortunately, it’s not going to increase the value of your property.

Your property will need to be presented at it’s best to obtain the highest valuation.

This means a neat and tidy garden, no cracked tiles, well maintained fences or walls.  The front of the house can greatly influence the overall presentation and perception of your house.

Remember, the valuation is more about what adds value to the property rather than what you personally find appealing.

Duo Tax has put together a checklist of things you should do and things you should avoid doing at all costs to ensure that you’re getting the best valuation experience.

Access the checklist here for your property valuation essentials.

Source: Duo Tax Quantity Surveyors | Property Depreciation Experts

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