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TTRs: How ‘transition-to-retirement’ pensions may benefit you


You might not be too familiar with the term but it is something that is being talked about more widely by people seeking a smoother shift from working life to retirement. One way to describe the benefits of transition-to-retirement pensions (TTRs) is as the super saver’s version of ‘having your cake and eating it to’.

Put simply, a transition-to-retirement pension enables Australians aged 55 or over to access their super in the form of a pension (income streams) without retiring or satisfying another condition of release.

By using the strategy you can boost your super savings and minimise tax. You are able to accumulate more retirement savings without any negative impact on the amount of money you have to spend each week.

The key message of TTR’s is clear: most Australians aged 55 and over can boost super savings while cutting their tax bill, depending on an individual’s level of income and marginal tax rate.

There is no ‘one-size fits all’ assessment, of course. The right combination of salary and super depends on your salary level, your age, your tax position, the size of your super benefit AND your income needs. It’s certainly a good time to chat to a trusted advisor to see how it may work in your interests or



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