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February 2016 Newsletter

Did you know it is almost 2 months since Christmas? 

Before focusing on business goals, and forecasting the future, it is important to get your business in order and set up the year from a tax perspective. This is why we have provided you with the recent compliance clamp downs from the ATO. Read the article here to see if you may be a target.
Also featured in this newsletter, is an article written by one of our strategic alliances Sharyn Manning from Stockdale and Leggo- Lilydale. We have had a recent influx of people going through divorce or separation. Have you ever heard the expression “hindsight is a wonderful thing”. If you can relate to this, read her six tips here.
Finally we are pleased to introduce Paul Quieros who is a new team member with Roy A. McDonald. To find out if Paul can help you, click here.


Roy A. McDonald and the team.

2015 Tax Return Due Date Closing- Book Now

Lodge Late

This is an actual letter received from the ATO for a new client who hadn’t lodged their 2014 tax return. Click on the image to see the full letter.
Don’t let this happen to you.  Lodge your tax returns ASAP. The due date for the 2015 tax returns is imminent. Click here to book with our office now.



Latest ATO Targets

Is it You??

Do you remember back at school how there was always 1-2 people in trouble with the 
Maybe you can remember this because it was you?  If you were never in trouble, this may have been because you made sure you followed the rules.
The ATO are really clamping down on people who don’t play by the rules or avoid paying their dues. Are you a target for the ATO? 

The Six Steps to Take Before
Purchasing a Property After Divorce 

Did you know we recently had a client that was burdened with a $50,000 tax debt from her ex-husband? 
We have realised that there is a lack of support for people going through a divorce or separation. When a couple separate, the one who has no experience running the household finances generally struggles the most. If you can relate and don’t know where to start, this is where we can assist you. For instance, click here to see the 6 steps regarding purchasing a property,if you have separating from your significant other. It is from our trusted strategic alliance partner,Sharyn Manning from Stockdale & Leggo Lilydale.

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We hope the information shared helps with future tax returns. If this information is applicable to your friends and family, please don’t hesitate to refer them through to us. You can contact us on 03 9848 5933 or using the link below.

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