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July 2013 Newsletter

July 2013      

What have you put off lately?  Cleaning the gutters? Having your car serviced? The reasons for putting these and many other tasks off are wide and varied. Unfortunately, the risks associated with putting off what may seem simple tasks can be dire. In these two examples alone, the consequences may include costly flooding of your house or being left stranded when your car decides “enough is enough”.  These are two disasters that could easily be avoided if it weren’t for one thing: Procrastination.

We know. We’re all prone to procrastination at some time. This month we look at how to slay the procrastination dragon and get more out of life.


Roy Mc Donald and the team!

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The Lowdown on a Leading Wealth Hazard


As humans, we have wonderfully good intentions of what we’re going to do in the future. Projects such as eating less, exercising more, completing a will, taking out insurance or investing for retirement are always planned for next week, next month or next year. The problem is when the “now” arrives, it may be too late, cost you a lot more to implement – which means the procrastination cycle begins again.

So what is the reason for this cycle? Generally there’s no instant gratification, people don’t understand what’s involved, it’s perceived as too costly – so we call in a range of excuses that will justify putting these tasks off.

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This is a grave concern- literally

$200,000 or $300,000 is generally not enough life insurance. Unfortunately, many Australian’s are underinsured, not insured at all or letting their life insurance policies lapse. If this is you and something were to happen to you – how would life be? Mortgage payments, education for the kids, daily living expenses all have to be met – without the benefit of your weekly pay packet.

The only option is to rely on welfare. Could you? Really? On those tiny welfare payments? What effect would this have on your quality of life, your stress levels and your relationships?

The cost of life cover varies greatly. Many customers who let their policy lapse blame affordability. Before you let your policy lapse, work out some worse case scenarios. How would you and your dependants survive financially?

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Don’t feel alone when completing your tax

You probably know someone who procrastinates when completing their tax. The whole process can be confusing and difficult. We support the most important person in the whole process- You. Let us share with you why:

Do you know what you can claim?

Are you claiming all of your deductions?

Has anyone explained your legal entitlements?

Our Checklists below makes the whole process easy!!

We’re prepared to hold your hand and help you complete your 2013 tax. We’ll even come to you (if you’re in Victoria) and grab the stuff we need.

How do know you haven’t missed something? If you are like most and wish to take advantage of any deductions you may be entitled to, there are three things to do:

  1. Check out the below links to see what you are entitled to claim. It could save you money and time.
  2. Book an appointment by clicking here.
  3. Bring in the checklist.

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