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July 2014 Newsletter

What have you put off lately?

Cleaning the gutters? Having your car serviced? The reasons for putting these and many other tasks off are wide and varied. Unfortunately, the risks associated with putting off what may seem simple tasks can be dire. In these two examples alone, the consequences may include costly flooding of your house or being left stranded when your car decides “enough is enough”.  These are two disasters that could easily be avoided if it weren’t for one thing: Procrastination.

This month we look at how we can set up the rest of the year to achieve your goals and dreams without procrastination and also provide important and urgent information regarding the ATO. They are watching us and the article explains more.

Roy A. McDonald and the team!

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AloneYou probably know someone who procrastinates when completing their tax. The whole process can be confusing and difficult. We support the most important person in the whole process – You. Here are some questions for you:

  • Do you know what you can claim, really?
  • Are you claiming all of your deductions?
              • Has anyone explained your legal entitlements?

What would you like to accomplish in the new financial year 2014? Our Checklists below make the whole process easy!!

We’re prepared to hold your hand and help you complete your 2014 tax. Have you missed something?  If you are like most and wish to take advantage of all of your deductions, you may be entitled to, there are three things to do:

(1) Click on the below links to see what you are entitled to claim. It could save you money and time.

(2) Book an appointment by clicking here.
(3) Bring in the completed checklist when you come to your appointment.




Are you on track or

What would you like to accomplish in the new financial year?
Half the year is gone, and for some people, their dream of owning their own home, getting out of debt  or traveling abroad, hasn’t even began. Whatever your vision is for the year ahead, you’ll have to accomplish one thing first, getting your finances in shape. Just a little bit of smart financial goal-setting now might be the difference between realising your  dreams and putting them off until next year… or the year after that.

Snap- The ATO is watching you!

Last year we wrote to you and let you know that the ATO is watching over 600,000,000 transactions you and I make. We have recently learnt the ATO is now stepping up this program and it is important you make an appointment here to make sure your tax is completed efficiently and properly.

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Roy A. McDonald together with Lindale Insurances provide easy to understand and unbiased financial advice and accounting services including:  Superannuation and Retirement Planning, Investments, Estate Planning, Social Security advice (to maximise your entitlement) Protecting you and your loved ones, tax accounting, tax and business planning.

Getting started is easy – simply contact us today on 03 9848 5933.

Have a safe month and see you in August!

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