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Saving Hacks for Retirement When You Have Children

When you are hoping to start saving for your retirement, you may feel like other things take priority when it comes to setting money aside. This tends to be especially true when dependents are involved, with the costs of raising children often being the most substantial expense for many. But should your nest egg suffer while you support your little ones?

Establishing quality retirement savings

Where a superannuation fund is concerned, there are several options that can help to enhance the quality of retirement savings.

Consider the following;

  • Forced saving
  • Voluntary contributions through salary sacrifice (the government will tax your salary-sacrificed contributions at 15%, but this could actually be considerably lower than your marginal tax rate)
  • Opting for alternative super fund investments to yield higher quality returns, or even making concessional super contributions (up to $25,000 each financial year, including your employer’s super guarantee contributions)

The above solutions may be able to help to increase your potential to save for the future. There may be more options to save outside of your superannuation fund to consider, too.

Income conservation

Ensuring continued income can be important when it comes to retirement savings; after all, steady earnings equal the potential to save consistently. Income protection can work to establish a monetary defense against unforeseen circumstances that could prevent you from working. These types of policies may offer support on a monthly basis, and can often assist as far as financial support is concerned should the worst happen.

Insurance can be helpful in other ways too, with trauma insurance, life insurance and permanent disability cover all working to safeguard both you and your dependents should the worst happen.

Additional advice

Additional financial advice can go a long way, with budgeting, family considerations, knowing how to save and which types of savings vehicles could suit your needs all playing a part in building a valuable retirement fund for you to enjoy – and without detracting from providing for your dependents.

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