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Why You Must Read these Three Articles

Retirement Triangle

We posted an article back in 2013 called are you dreaming or are you dreaming. You can access the article here. It showed some alarming information from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

How do you see you life heading? We have three articles which may help you set your financial future.  There could be one comment within an article that help you reach a new level of wealthy in the new financial year.

Don’t Want to read?

Watch our new video outline the 3 mistakes people make before retirement. If you learn best by listening, try the video here or adjacent. What would the peace of mind be if you could avoid these three mistakes?

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How are you going to retire? For some people they aren’t reliant on super or think super is not rewarding. Here is an article that can show you, how super can be used as a tool even if you are not reliant on it to retire.

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The economy is reasonable good in Australia and some businesses are thriving. But what if your business is not thriving. Here are 4 tips to stay ahead of the bad times.

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The ups and downs of the economy come and go. Do you need to worry about what has happened recently with the economy is china or some of the European countries.

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Does it matter what your money habits are? Can you change a money habit that you have been doing for 10, 20 or even 30 plus years? This article answers this question and is the start of changing some of our habits.

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